About Beth

I’m a 42-year-old IT worker, cat mom, LARPer, craft nerd, and… well, overall nerd.  I love science fiction and fantasy in all their forms, and also love making craft projects. Which is ultimately what led me to start this little blog of mine.

As a kid, I fell in love with crafting at an early age – I started sewing by hand at eight years old, picked up knitting at 10, cross-stitch at 14, and crochet at 20. I started making my first costumes at 15 years old, when I put together a Princess Peach costume from various pieces of clothing I found at thrift stores and pieces I made by hand.

When it comes to nerdy pursuits, I’m pretty sure I’ve been nerdy as long as I’ve been alive. My mom says my first words were “E.T. phone home”, and I think that sealed my fate as a sci-fi nerd even before I could walk. (Even though the movie E.T. terrified me as a kid.) I held my first video game controller when I was five years old (an Atari 2600 controller, for those curious), learned to program in BASIC one rainy afternoon when I was 15, and started making my own websites at 17. As a teenager, I looked to find all sorts of ways to combine my two loves, nerdy pursuits and craft projects. Not all the projects I made turned out well, but there were still some awesome things made. And no matter the results, I never looked back once I started on my quest to make nerdy craft projects.

In my spare time, I read too many books, watch television, edit audio and video for fun, go to sci-fi/fantasy/nerd conventions, play in a LARP, and drink entirely too much coffee and tea. I also dabble in programming, have a soft spot for XML and InDesign, spoil my cats Hannah and Anya, and tend to watch ridiculous amounts of Star Trek.

Where you can find Beth