Enter the crafty nerd.

Well, here goes nothing.

I’m going to make a legitimate try at doing a real blog!  With a focus!  This should be… interesting.

After following Jen at EPBOT for quite some time now, I thought to myself, “Hey, how come I don’t run a blog similar to hers?” And some of you may say, why the heck should you do a blog like hers?  She’s already done it!  Well, while we both do nerdy and crafty things (and often combine the two), our nerddoms don’t exactly overlap.  She’s huge into steampunk, for example, while I’m really big into My Little Ponies.  She does a lot of big DIY projects, while I make a lot of little plushies and knit projects.  So, that’s my reasoning for doing a nerdy crafting blog – because it’ll be a unique nerdy crafting blog.   It’ll be MY nerdy crafting blog.  With a little bit of random life stuff tossed in here and there.

So, welcome!  I’m going to try to post once a week, if not more – and I’d love it if people would comment, stir up some activity, stuff like that.  I might host the occasional contest, I might post some free goodies, who knows.  I really do love blogging, and I want to share all the awesome stuff I make with the world, and inspire someone to make their own awesome stuff, or maybe even blog – just like Jen inspired me to do!

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  1. linda says:

    Well let’s try this again. I’ve tried 3 times to post and it seemed to not want me to.

    Good luck on the blog. Love to read them but like you said they need a commitment or people get sick of looking with nothing there.

    My favorite is The Pioneer Woman and look where it’s gotten her.

    Also I usually don’t like blogs that have to be entered by email addresses and names. Just IMHO


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