San Francisco: The Experience (sans video blogging)

Well, I’m back from San Francisco, and adjusted to being back in the right time zone finally, and figured I’d share the tale of my vacation!  Sadly, there wasn’t enough time to video-blog the entire trip, but I took plenty of pictures – and I’ll share the highlights here!

Day one was nice – although I was absolutely exhausted from not sleeping much the night before (remind me never to go to the drive-in the night before an early cross-country flight!), I still had plenty of fun.  I met some of Bryan’s friends, we all nerded out together, and it was awesome!

The view outside the front door of the place we stayed.

Trees in San Francisco are green already!

We stayed at a place we found on AirBNB – it’s located here, if you’re curious.  (If you want to stay in San Francisco and be within walking distance of practically everything, I can’t recommend Lorraine enough!)  After two days with no sleep, I ended up crashing pretty early – so I could be energetic for Day Two.

2013-03-10 10.26.59

Day two involved getting to know some awesome people, and talking about nerdy stuff.  I can apparently find awesomely nerdy people wherever I go!  Bryan’s friend Amy just happened to have some TARDIS fingerless gloves in her bag while we were at breakfast, and she let me try them on.  (I’m wondering if there’s a way to adapt them for crocheting, as I can only knit scarves…)  Over the course of the day, we went to Coit Tower, the Palace of Fine Arts, and also went and did quite a bit of shopping on Haight St., where I found the following epic outfit…

2013-03-10 15.12.12


… which I’m using as the beginnings for a steampunk outfit to wear at GenCon this year!  (In addition to my Lady 4th Doctor costume, and Pinkie Pie as well!)  I’ve got some friends offering to help make the outfit a little more flashy, so it’ll be a heck of a lot less bland by the time convention season rolls around.    I am absolutely in love with the skirt – it has a most epic bustle in back!

2013-03-13 12.24.30The rest of the trip turns into a blur at this point, but one of the most nerdy things I got to do stands out above all else – I got to visit The Office of Letters and Light in Berkeley!  The Office of Letters and Light is home to NaNoWriMo, and considering I’ve been a participant in NaNo since 2003, I always swore that next time I found myself in the Bay Area, I’d go to their offices.  I wasn’t brave enough to knock on the door or go in or anything, but I did wear my winner’s shirt and pose for a picture, as you see above!

If you want to see more of my vacation, check out the full album here!


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