How to Make Your Own Dragon

2013-03-24 22.09.21I’ve noticed that people keep coming to my site to look at all the various Toothless plush that I’ve made (well, the one plush, and the one crocheted Toothless) – and I just now realized I don’t have any links to where I got the patterns or inspiration for these awesome dragons!  So,  this post is dedicated entirely to where to find out How to Make Your Own Dragon.

Plush Toothless

2013-03-20 18.22.09This big guy (shown getting an eye replacement) comes from the tutorial written by nooby-banana on DeviantArt.  This Toothless came out very large – just about three feet from nose to the tip of his tailfin, and about three feet across from wingtip to wingtip.  The tutorial was very easy to follow, and aside from having to print and tape together the pattern pieces, assembly was a breeze!  Some of the pattern pieces didn’t quite fit together exactly, but I just fiddled with things until it worked.  Depending on the fabric you use (I used fleece), and the quality of your sewing machine (I have one of questionable quality from Wal-Mart), you may have to hand-sew the entire thing – I did with mine.  It was worth it, though.

Crocheted Mini-Toothless

Crocheted ToothlessThis little guy comes from Sarselgurumi, and is really quick to whip together!  I think it took maybe a week or so to get him done.  The pattern is easy to follow, especially if you’ve crocheted amigurumi plush before (I think Toothless was my fourth), and comes out looking absolutely adorable.  And depending on how much yarn you get, you could probably make two or three of them with one skein!  (Which might be a good thing – once I finished this little guy, I had three or four friends begging me to make them a tiny Toothless.)

Sculpey Toothlesses

Sprawled out on the cooking sheet


There are two different Sculpey Toothless tutorials I followed – they’re listed here and here, both by LightningMcTurner on Deviantart.  These were quick, simple, fun projects, although the first one was a bit more difficult due to the fact that my clay had dried out.  (For those wondering how to liven up dead Sculpey, I have two words for you: baby oil.)

So, there you have it!  Patterns and instructions for all my Toothlesses.  As I make more, I’ll add the patterns here, and my experiences making them as well.  Hope this helps everyone that wants to make their own dragons!

Edit 5/31/13: This post was featured on, an Italian toy blog! The post refers to my GeekCrafts post about Toothless, but it links right to here in the 5th paragraph!  If you’ve found me through Toysblog,  benvenuto, and I hope you enjoy the blog!

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  1. Tom says:

    Okay, so now it’s my goal to make a Toothless plushie and a sculpey Toothless. XD Let’s see if I can manage a sewing project.

  2. Darryl says:

    Hi, I’m 15 and fell in love with this Toothless you made!…I’m really bad at sewing and things like this, so do you think you might be willing to make and sell another one?…I love him! You did and amazing job!…If so please contact me at…Thanks soooooooo much!

    • Beth Hoey says:

      Darryl, while I’d love to make you a Toothless, I’m really rather busy these days, and making a Toothless is a really intense process – and with all the work I put into the first one, I know that if I made one to sell, I’d end up charging a lot of money due to all the work I put into it. Hopefully you can find someone else who can sew pretty well that’d be willing to make you a Toothless of your own!

  3. Mayra Intriago says:

    OMG DO YOU SELL THEM? I’d buy one and kiss you at the same time!

    • Beth Hoey says:

      Mayra, unfortunately making a plush Toothless is a lot of work – so far I’ve only made the one, and I don’t plan on making more to sell, as they’d take a couple of weeks to make with my current schedule. I’m sorry!

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