Beth’s Craft Picks of the Week! – 4/15/13

Hello all!  I hope your Monday went well – mine was a bit of a mixed bag.  Ah well.  I’ve got a fresh batch of crafty picks for everyone this week!

Case of the Mondays Cross-Stitch Kit

hatemondaysSpeaking of Mondays… this would be a hilarious addition to anyone’s cubicle, haha.  It’s in a handy dandy kit, put together by Purple Hippo Stitches, and also part of their Tax Day Sale!  I’m half done with my own set, and plan on sticking mine in my cube once it’s done.  It’s really simple, and an easy intro to cross-stitching if you’ve never done it before.

Wreck-it Ralph Placemat

Wreck-It-Ralph-Pixel-Placemat-B-croppedThis DIY craft looks like fun, especially for those of you who want to rock a nerdy kitchen.  It’s found on Spoonful, and I can tell you I’ll definitely be trying it myself one of these days.  I don’t know how Bryan will feel about Wreck-It Ralph placemats, but I don’t care, haha.

Sailor Moon Amigurumi

sailormoonI found this adorable Sailor Moon amigurumi, and knew I had to share it with everyone!  For those who haven’t quite noticed yet, I’m a huge Sailor Moon fangirl, and have been since the summer of 1997 – that’s sixteen whole years, for those counting, haha.  And the fact that a new Sailor Moon anime is going to be released this summer makes me super excited!  My inner fangirl is so happy, haha.

Pony Amigurumi

pony amigurumiAnd it’s not a craft roundup without some ponies!  Here’s an amigurumi pony pattern I want to try out – I’ve made amigurumi ponies before, but this pattern looks better suited to making the little ponies I enjoy so very much.  If anyone gets this pattern, let me know how it turns out, okay?

And that’s this week’s craft roundup!  Hope everyone finds something fun to do, and there’ll be some more crafty ideas for you next week!




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