My Nerdy Workspace

I’ve been pondering posting about this for a long time, and with my home office finally getting cleaned up over the weekend, I figured it might be a good time to show off my nerdy workspace.  (I also sometimes refer to it as the nerdy girl-cave, heheh.)  I will warn you now – my workspace is incredibly cluttered, and ridiculously pony-covered.  Proceed with caution.  🙂

2013-05-12 14.37.11


Here’s the view upon heading into my office.  You can already tell it’s quite an eclectic nerd-splosion, from the Princess Peach backpack and change purse hanging on the doorknob to Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash hanging out on the pillows on the bed.

2013-05-12 14.37.01A closer look at the entryway to my room.  I have my postcard collection hanging up there, as well as my ridiculously unkempt paper catch-all caddy.  There are postcards and photographs from trips, and one postcard from the summer I was in Sweeney Todd, oh so long ago.  The “Beth’s Cabin” sign comes from my lengthy stint as a camp counselor.

2013-05-12 14.35.21Here’s my workspace – where all the magic happens!  (And yes, my desk is covered in toys.)

2013-05-12 14.38.05On this side, we’ve got the metal rose Bryan got me at the Ohio Renaissance Faire, and a couple of little toys that tend to hang out on my desk.

2013-05-12 14.38.00A few more toys, including Wreck-it Ralph, Vanellope, Princess Peach, and Toothless!  (And a little yellow duck named Puddleduck, who’s sat by my computer for about 12 years now.)

2013-05-12 14.37.26Another shot of my workspace.

2013-05-12 14.38.32And here’s a close-up of the wall over my desk – it’s covered in little things I’ve collected over the years and some drawings.

2013-05-12 14.35.56On the other side of the window is the guest bed – not that anybody sleeps on it often, as you can tell from the ridiculous amount of plush ponies, bunnies, Sailor Moon dolls, Vanellope, and a rogue Adipose.  (The monochrome painting on the wall is one I did ages ago.)

2013-05-12 14.36.22

This awkwardly angled shot is of where I keep my crafting supplies!  (I have no idea why it turned out crooked, but ah well.)  You can also see my lovely wallpaper border – yes, that is indeed authentic vintage 1989 Princess Peach wallpaper border.  I’ve got the matching wallpaper too, but I’ve never opened it, heh.

And now, a couple of little tidbits I want to highlight!

2013-05-12 14.37.39

This little top hat is one I decorated over the weekend, to go with an outfit I just might share in my next post. It was simple and quick to make, and I may put together a short tutorial on how I put it together.

2013-05-12 14.37.46


And this is a Christmas present from my friend Morgan – he paints minis, and told me to pick out something I’d like him to paint.  I asked him to paint this dragon, and so he did – and even made a nice base for it.  You can’t quite tell in this shot, but the dragon is a greenish color with golden horns and burgundy wings, and a purple belly.

That’s what my nerdy workspace looks like!  If anyone’s interested in sharing theirs, let me know in the comments – I may feature it in an upcoming post!






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