You know you’re nerdy when…

Oh yes.  We all have our moments when we do something and then think “Yikes, I’m nerdy!”  Here’s a little list of my nerdy moments – feel free to share yours in the comments!

You know you’re nerdy when…

  • … you write a love note to your husband in Python code – and he responds back in Python as well.
  • … you spend an entire weekend (or two or three or four) working on costume pieces for a convention.
  • … instead of cutesy little knick-knacks decorating your living room, you have a K-9 bobblehead, a couple of large My Little Ponies, and a bunch of Princess Peach figurines all over your entertainment center.
  • …your desk at the office is covered in noticeably more action figures than, well, everyone else’s.
  • …you’re on edge, waiting eagerly, for an important announcement regarding one of your fandoms.  (Doctor Who fans, you know this feeling well, what with the announcement of the 12th Doctor recently!  And the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fans, don’t tell me you don’t eagerly await the announcement of when each new season will start, haha)
  • …you get excited about getting a package of USB cords in the mail.
  • …most of your t-shirts come from places like shirt.woot, Teefury, Threadless, and RIPT – simply because there’s no better place to get nerdy shirts (I swear, most of my non-work wardrobe consists of Doctor Who shirts thanks to sites like them)
  • …you get excited when you figure out a way to nerd up an otherwise not-incredibly-nerdy craft project.  (Princess Luna crocheted cape, here I come!)
  • …you get excited by the smell of new books.  Or new computer parts.  Or new action figures.
  • …you get so into a hobby (playing a new video game, reading the the newest book in your favorite fantasy series, learning to paint minis) that you forget to eat lunch… and have to be reminded to eat dinner.
  • …you have more computers in your house than you do people.  (Or laptops, or cellphones.  I think the tally here in the Crafty Nerd House is three desktops, three laptops, two tablets, and four smartphones, two of which are not in active use.  And it’s just me and Mr. Crafty Nerd here.)

And these are just the ones I’m guilty of – again, if you have your own nerdy moments, share them in the comments!  I may add them to an updated version of this post. 🙂

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