Headed to GenCon 2013!

You guys, I am so incredibly excited.

You want to know why?

This is my FIRST convention that I’ve attended as an actual, legitimate blogger.  Sure, I don’t have press passes or anything, but still.  I’ll be taking lots of pictures for a purpose! 😀


Instead of just dashing around to take pictures with all the ponies I can find, like last year.

So, yes, The Crafty Nerd is going to GenCon 2013!  This is not my first convention – and definitely not my last.  I’m coming super-prepared this year, with three costumes, and I’ve even got a hotel room close to the Indianapolis Convention Center.  I’ve signed up for a couple of events, and plan on wandering around and taking LOTS of pictures, like I did last year. And I’ll be posting all those pictures at the end of each day of the con, with as much commentary as I can put together after a long day of convention going.

If you’re attending GenCon this year and see me, don’t be shy!  I’ve got pictures of the costumes I’ll be wearing (which will conveniently be posted here the night before I wear them), so feel free to say hi if you spot me!  (And if you catch me on Saturday, when I’m dressed as the Fourth Doctor, tell me you read the Crafty Nerd and I’ll give you some actual Jelly Babies!)


Tomorrow, I’ll be rocking my Pinkie Pie costume, with some modifications – instead of the cutie mark t-shirt I’ve got in the picture above, I’ll be wearing a yellow tanktop.  I’ll still be carrying around Plushie Pie, and exuding cheer and smiles! 😀  So if you’re in the Indianapolis area tomorrow, and attending GenCon, say hi! 😀  And keep your eyes peeled here for the next four days, for lots of pictures and convention-related fun!  Until then, enjoy a handful of photos from last year’s GenCon!

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