GenCon, day 1!

Haha, I am coming to you live from Steak N Shake in downtown Indy, because our hotel charges $15 a day for internet!  So, the daily GenCon reports I promised may not exactly be daily – but trust me, I’ll definitely go into crazy amounts of detail once home.

Yesterday was a fun day – I dressed as Pinkie Pie, and lots of people stopped to take pictures, it was awesome.  I ended up getting quite a few pictures taken with Rainbow Factory Dash, a steampunk grimdark Rainbow Dash who was pretty awesome about everyone saying “OH GOD PINKIE AND DASH WE NEED YOUR PICTURES”, aheheh.  The first thing I did at the convention was take pictures with Rainbow Factory Dash, and then dash (haha) to the Exhibition Hall, where everyone’s money ends up going, hahah.  I snagged another set of Impact Miniatures’ pony minis (I need the mane 6!), then wandered around the exhibition hall for a couple of hours and spent stupid amounts of money.  Which is fine – I’ve been waiting for GenCon all summer!  During my wanders through the hall, I stumbled across the Worldbuilders booth – and Patrick Rothfuss, an author whose books I adore.  (I may have torn through both of his books in two weeks, if that says anything)

I promptly stopped and flailed a little bit.  Bryan encouraged me to go say hi to him – so I did.  And told him I loved his books, and I was excited to meet him, and then after he thanked me and we exchanged other pleasantries, I bought a t-shirt from his booth and then agonized over taking his picture.  Bryan then went up and asked Patrick if I could get my picture taken with him, and he said “sure!”  And stood up, AND GAVE ME A HUG AND I ALMOST DIED OMG. I think that made my convention, aheheh.


The afternoon/evening was spent doing My Little Pony related things – I met some awesome people, and learned quite a bit about the new My Little Pony trading card game that’s coming out.  The Enterplay group was awesome – they told us about how they hired fans to work on the game to make sure it’s as show accurate as possible, and seemed to have a lot of fun with the panel in general.  There were plenty of goodies handed out (Rainbow Factory Dash got a rare Rainbow Dash foil card handed to him, and I got a Pinkie Pie play mat for the TCG!), lots of good questions asked, and lots of fun was had.  The TCG playtest tournament went really well, too – I had a lot of fun and am likely going to write an entire post dedicated to just that.  I played against – you guessed it – Rainbow Factory Dash, haha. I thoroughly wiped the floor with him, and we declared it was a good game. 😀

Afterwards, I wandered around a bit, went back to my hotel room to switch into more comfortable clothes, and got some dinner before calling it a day. And what a day it was!  Today has had a pretty good start, too – delicious breakfast and free internet at Steak N Shake, and – get this – the waitress recognized me from a shot of people wandering around at the convention on a local news station!  😀  I’ll hunt down the clip when I am connected to better wi-fi.

For now, though, time to finish breakfast and get ready for Day 2!



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