Nerd world problems

Well.  Here it is, Sunday evening, and I have no idea what to write about.  I don’t have a planned article that’s ready enough for the world to see, I don’t have a batch of craft projects to share with everyone – so instead, I’m going to ramble about my nerd world problems.

Grad school starts up again tomorrow.  I don’t have any classes until Tuesday, but still – the school year starts anew, and I have a fresh batch of classes to work through.  I’m fine with that, I’m actually rather excited about classes, but what the heck am I going to make while I’m in class?  I honestly think the reason I got a 4.0 in all my classes this summer is because I had a craft project in my hands, keeping me from surfing the internet and helping me absorb all the knowledge for that day’s session.  But aside from this massively massive capelet I’m making (it’s from a Game of Thrones themed pattern, and it’s going to be My Little Pony themed – the colors are black and navy blue, Princess Luna’s colors!), I don’t have anything I’m working on that’s small enough to toss into my backpack.  I might work on a cowl, might work on a scarf… I dunno yet, though.

Nerd world problems, I know.

I did put about 30 miles on Scooterlou this weekend!  And it spurred me into making a website for our scooter riding group.  I spent maybe four hours cranking out the website last night – you can see it here if you’re interested.  My eyes were going crossed by the end of everything, though, and I fought with phpBB for a good hour on top of that.  I dunno if anyone’s even going to use it, heh, but it’s there.  And it looks pretty awesome, I think.

Aside from that, there’s not much going on in my little corner of the world – just gearing up for the beginning of a new semester.  I promise there’ll be more exciting things to talk about on Wednesday!

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