Quick nerdy treat: General Zoi’s Pony Creator!

ponyWithBackgroundI won’t lie – I may have just spent a half hour making this little pony.  While I should have been downing coffee and preparing for work.  Her name is Raspberry.  Don’t judge.

For those of you of the pony persuasion, you can find General Zoi’s updated pony creator here – not only does it have more options to choose from, but you can change the angle of your pony’s head, play with new poses, and much more!  I could have spent a bunch more time playing with it, and seeing what accidentally awkward positions I could create (there was one pose where the pony’s head was in a ridiculously unnatural position, based on how I’d turned her head), but alas – work calls.

Go play with the pony creator for a little bit!  It’ll make your day better, I promise. 🙂


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