Getting in better shape, the nerdy way

I’ll admit it.  I’m not in the greatest shape.  There are a number of things that contribute to this – some I can’t control, like health issues, and some that I can control, like being a lump parked at a desk in a cube farm for 29ish hours a week.  And I know that I need to be in better shape.  I want to be in better shape.  I want to fit into my steampunk skirt properly, and I want to avoid having to let out all my cosplay outfits.  So, I’ve found a few things to motivate myself with.  Quite a few, actually, and some of them more effective than others.

The Fitbit

1747366_saI’ve had a number of these awesome pedometers over the years – and recently, I got a Fitbit Flex.  (In obnoxious green, like the one above.)  And for some reason, not actually knowing how many steps I’ve taken strangely motivates me to move more.  I want to fill up all the little lights on my tracker!  I want it to vibrate with glee!  AND ALL THE DATA I RECEIVE.  Oh, the data.  I can see when I was most active, how many steps I took throughout the day, and how well I slept the previous night.  I love data.  This is one of the many reasons why I’m an Information Science master’s student.  Data. 😀

The Aria

fitbit-aria-mainThe Aria is the smartest scale I’ve ever owned.  It connects to the internet and funnels weight info for 8 people into their respective Fitbit accounts.  I do like stepping on it and having it recognize me by name.  (Most of the time.) I will admit to having a love-hate relationship with my Aria.  I love that it gives me all the freaking data I could ever have on my body and weight and such, but I hate how brutally honest the damn thing is.  I also hate when it confuses me with Mr. Crafty Nerd.  That’s another motivating reason for me to lose some weight.  (Curse you, Aria!  SAY MY NAME!)   But I guess having a scale that lied to you would be counterproductive, wouldn’t it?

(I swear, this article isn’t turning into an advertisement for Fitbit.)

Bribing myself


Yes, I will totally stoop to bribing myself.  For every week I hit my step goal (I’m not even aiming to hit the gym at this point, I’m shooting for getting my butt out of my desk chair and walking every day), I will allow myself to buy a pair of socks from Sock Dreams.  Because aside from all the other addictions I have (like My Little Ponies, video games, crafts, and Toothless the Dragon), I also am addicted to knee socks.  My collection is epic… but it could be more epic.  And the self-bribing isn’t limited to just socks.  When I hit the “holy crap I’ve lost five pounds” point, I’m going to treat myself to a massage.  Lose more weight?  Get a more awesome reward.  And so on.  I am hoping to have all the socks on my Sock Dreams wishlist.

Giving things up if I miss my mark


Yes, this is a little bit more cruel, I guess you could say, but I think this will also keep me on track.  For every week I don’t hit my step goal – and I’m gonna be reasonable, if I’m a couple hundred steps off I’ll go easy on myself, or if I’ve been sick that’s completely understandable – I will give up one pony from my My Little Pony collection. And I’ll even let Mr. Crafty Nerd pick which ones go.  He’s been saying I have too many ponies anyway.

Yes, I think I just heard that collective gasp.  “But Crafty Nerd, you can’t give up your ponies!  You love them too much!”  And that’s why I’m doing this – because I don’t want to lose any ponies.  No sirree.  However, if I do mess up, and a pony has to go… I’ll offer it up to you guys on Facebook first, as a sort of contest.  But here’s hoping that doesn’t have to happen.



I’ll try and post regular updates on here or on Twitter about my progress – here’s hoping I end up with more socks, and not less ponies.  I’m determined.  I can do this.  Oh yes.




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  1. Laura Reed says:

    Love the socks!