Coming out of nerd hibernation

Yes, I’ve been quiet lately.  It’s that time of year – I get swamped with class projects that are due and random work obligations to take care of – but after the end of next week, well, it’s the start of my summer vacation.  And we know what that means.


That’s right!  SUMMER FUN TIME.  And this summer, I’ve got some big plans.  Hopefully they’ll result in more posting!  Here are my fun summer plans:

  • I’m going to read as many books as humanly possible.  There are so many books I’ve wanted to read over the past year, but have been either so exhausted that I pass right out during prime book-reading time (which is just before bed), or I just simply don’t have the time at all.  I want to keep a running tally of what I’ve read, too – and I’ll be doing that on this page.
  • I have a new costume I’m putting together for GenCon!  I unfortunately didn’t get an early enough start on the Toothless costume I was thinking of doing, but I’ve got plans for something else – I’ll be going as Rainbow Dash one day for GenCon!  More specifically, I’ll be doing a tamer version of Rainbow Dash from a not-exactly-kid-friendly story involving cupcakes, as well as a much more kid-friendly version of RD as well.  Ross, also known as Rainbow Factory Dash, is going to be my partner in crime, and he’ll be debuting as Pinkie Pie.  (Not sure if he’s going to be a manly Pinkie Pie or what, though)  Actually, Ross and I changed our minds – GenCon will be the last hurrah for Rainbow Factory Dash (albeit an unpleasant one, haha) and I’ll be going as the creepiest Pinkie Pie to ever grace the fandom.  I also need to do some tweaking to my Pinkie Pie costume to get it ready for Indy PopCon in a few weeks!
  • I’m going to finish up all those crafts that are stashed in a corner of my room.  Yes, I will finish the new version of the Season 18 Fourth Doctor scarf.  And that second Downton Abbey themed shawl.  And the scooter counted-cross stitch pattern I’m gonna turn into a pillow.
  • I’m going to spend some time working in Codecademy with some of my Information & Library Science buddies!  My plans: finish the PHP curriculum, maybe learn some Ruby, and refresh my Python knowledge.

Yeah, it sounds like I’m going to have a busy summer – all that plus two conventions, plus who knows what else – but it all means I’ll hopefully have all sorts of fun stuff to talk about on the blog!  I’ve missed posting, and I hope you guys are ready for all the cool stuff this summer will bring! 😀

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