The Slacker Nerd

I know.  It’s been almost a month since I last posted.  I swear, I’ve got good reasons for being quiet, though!



Like these girls, Sara (left) and Hannah (right).  They’re Steve’s litter mates, and are apparently experiencing selective amnesia and forgetting they’re actually related to the little guy.  Steve meows confusedly at them, and they want nothing to do with him right now.  Eventually, they’ll all be a happy kitty family again, but for now, there’s a lot of hissing and hiding under couches.  (Ross is at home right now, trying to lure Hannah out from under a loveseat at the moment…)

Steve approves of the blanket I'm crocheting.

Steve approves of the blanket I’m crocheting.

And there’s been a lot of crafting, too.  I keep finding craft projects to keep my hands occupied while I power through Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  I’ve finished a couple of crocheting projects, and I’ve been working on some counted cross-stitch too. My biggest project is one I’m making for my friend Josie, a cross-stitch inspired by the wallpaper in Sherlock’s (of BBC fame) apartment, and it’s coming along really nicely.  I think it might be the biggest cross-stitch project I’ve ever worked on – I think it’s going to be roughly 10 by 13 inches when it’s done.

Sketching up stuff for work.

Sketching up stuff for work.

I’ve also been incredibly busy with work, too.  I’m about to start writing three workshops and two webinars, and on top of that I’ve been working on blog posts for work as well, and I just got assigned the title of ILS blogger too.  All the stuff on my plate, work-wise, is making my head positively spin – but I wouldn’t change it for the world, as I absolutely love both of my jobs.

I’m going to make it a point to post something once a week from here on out.  Or prod Ross to fill in for me when I’m super busy.  After all, I do love my blog, and my readers, and I want to do my best to keep you all entertained! 🙂

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