10 More Free Nerdy Cross-Stitch Patterns!

Last year, I did a collection of free cross-stitch patterns – and everyone loved it!  I think that’s one of the most viewed posts on the blog.  So, as a holiday treat, I’m going to share ten more awesomely nerdy cross-stitch patterns that are completely free!  Simply click on the image for your desired pattern, and it’ll take you to the pattern’s website.

TARDIS Quote Pattern


Katniss’ Mockingjay Pin

mockingjaypinFinal Fantasy’s Black Mage


Star Trek: The Next Generation Minis


Wee Little Futurama


Princess Luna


Tina’s No Hero

edit 8/22/22: unfortunately, this pattern is no longer available from Craftsy, where it was previously available – I’m leaving the image up here for posterity’s sake, but removed the dead link.




To Boldly Go…


Your mother was a hamster, and…

I hope everyone enjoys this new collection of ten free patterns! 😀

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  1. Caroline says:

    Hi, I’d really adore to get that Bob’s Burger pattern but the link is dead. Are you able to re upload it or something? Thanks!

    • Beth Lynn says:

      Hi there – unfortunately, I’m not the creator of the pattern, so I’m not able to re-upload it anywhere. Based on a quick search I just did on Google and Etsy, it looks like that pattern was only available through Craftsy and not shared anywhere else, sadly.