Seven awesome free nerdy crafts

I can’t think of anything to write this week, so instead, I’ve lovingly curated a collection of ten free nerdy crafts for you all.  (If my Facebook friends come through with cool post ideas, there may be a second post this week to make up for this one!)  It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, so I figured, why not? So, here we go – seven nerdy free crafts!

1. Pokemon Pokeball Pillow

With Pokemon Sun and Moon having come out recently, and Second Gen Pokemon finding their way into Pokemon Go, now’s a good time to try making your own big snuggly Pokeball pillow for your house!

Pokemon Pokeball Pillow Tutorial – from Clever Little Mouse

2. DIY Mario Lamp

This looks like a pretty awesome way to power up an existing lamp – and it also looks pretty easy, too!

DIY Mario Lamp! – from Some of This and That

3. 8-Bit Heart Slouchy Hat

I linked to this on the Facebook page earlier this week, but figured I’d share it out with all the blog followers!  This is a super cute hat, and it’s definitely on my to-make list.  (Once I finish everything else I’ve got started, that is…)

Crochet 8-Bit Slouchy – from Whistle & Ivy

4. I Choose You! Quilt Square

A couple of my friends are really into paper piecing quilting lately, and while I have yet to fall down that rabbit hole, I will say that this adorable little Pikachu quilt square might just get me to try out paper piecing.

I Choose You! – from Fandom in Stitches

5. Crochet USS Enterprise

Okay, this is adorable.  I need to make this for Ross. 🙂

USS Enterprise – by Andrea Bruce on Ravelry

6. Star Trek TNG Crocheted Headbands

Sticking with the Star Trek theme here, I found these awesome headbands while putting together this post – and ended up adding them to my ever-growing “oh my gosh I need to make this” pile.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Headbands – from Pops de Milk

7. Charmander Typography Cross-Stitch

This is one of the most unique Pokemon cross-stitch patterns I’ve seen!  I really love it.

Free Pokemon Charmander Typography Cross Stitch pattern – from Lord Libidan

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  1. Pam says:

    What a cute roundup – thanks for sharing my Pokeball pillow tutorial! I love the 8-bit slouchy heart hat. The pillow was for my son, but I just might have to make that hat for myself!

    • Beth says:

      I saw the pillow and knew I had to include it – a co-worker has two sons who are really into Pokemon, and I bet they’d love a Pokeball pillow at some point! (And so would a lot of my friends, haha.) And I’m hoping to make the hat too, once I knock out at least one more project that’s in my in-progress pile!