Gen Con: t-minus one month

I feel like I’m super behind on Gen Con prep this year, y’all.

And we’ve only got a month until the convention.

A still frame from the anime Sailor Moon, showing Usagi looking very panicked.


I mean, I’ve registered for some events, which is something. And even though it’s technically a recycled idea, I do have a plan for a cosplay outfit. (Just one, though. And I need to make something for it and check to see if the wig I bought for it a few years ago is still in good shape.) I’ve got a couple of games I want to try out, and I’m planning on picking up a game I backed on Kickstarter, Cyber Pet Quest, at the convention.

And I finally got off my butt and put together a business card that matches the blog’s new branding, and ordered new business cards! (It only took me, what, two years?)

A digital version of the print business card I designed to match the teal branding of The Crafty Nerd I started using about two years ago.

Even with all this, though, I still feel like Gen Con snuck up out of nowhere. Maybe because it’s been five years since I last went to an in-person Gen Con, and my life is a lot different than it was back in 2019. Maybe because I’ve been pushing myself in too many directions all at once lately without enough rest, and it feels like time’s flying by as a result. Maybe it’s a combination of the two. 🤷‍♀️

I’m still beyond excited to be going to Gen Con again, though. And hey, like I said in my last post, maybe this’ll be the spark that gets me posting regularly again, rather than just looking at my Crafty Nerd desk mat on my desk and feeling vaguely sad about not blogging enough! 😂

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