Grumpy Disney? no. (er, I mean, YESSS.)

Aheheheh.  I do apologize sincerely for my absence over the past few weeks – with NaNoWriMo approaching (and then starting), I’ve been wrapped up in plotting and writing and such… and on top of that, I started another Doctor Who scarf, so… yes.  I am not dead, just crazy.

So much so that I just about died when I saw this enter my Facebook news feed this morning.

part_of_your_no_by_tsaoshin-d6f5s39Yes, that is Grumpy Cat as Ariel, The Little Mermaid.  Yes, I am very glad I wasn’t drinking coffee at the time.  I might have snorted it all across my monitor otherwise.

Eric Proctor (TsaoShin on DeviantArt) is the wonderful mind who came up with the delightful idea of inserting Grumpy Cat into various Disney films – with the simple premise of: ” the appearance of the cat must derail the plot of the film.”  And oh, would Grumpy Cat derail these films, haha.

he_mele_no_lilo_by_tsaoshin-d6mzn6rI mean, come on.  Grumpy Cat as Lilo?  Adorable.  I love the little fist-bump she’s giving Stitch.

tale_as_old_as_no_by_tsaoshin-d6k8keeAnd this last one is my absolute favorite – especially for the look of horror on the Beast’s face as Grumpy bats at the rose.  Oh lord.  I just about died.

If you want to see more, check out the Grumpy Disney gallery on DeviantArt!  Eric’s other artwork is great as well – he’s got some My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic stuff, and this little treat that made me squeal with delight.

toothless_sculpture_2_by_tsaoshin-d69y1jnOH MY GOD YOU GUYS IT’S TOOTHLESS.  And he looks so much better than any of my little clay Toothlesses.  (Toothli?)

So yes, go check out his artwork, and stay away from the beverages while you look at the Grumpy Disney gallery – trust me, your monitor will thank you.

Meanwhile, AUGH I’ve written almost 300 words that aren’t novel related!  I MUST WRITE MY BOOK.  (For those curious: the working title is For Whom the Bard Sings, and it’s a fantasy novel loosely set in the D&D Eberron world.  If it comes out as well as I’m hoping, maybe someday I may eventually publish this one… maybe.)

Back to writing! 😀