Review: Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 series gaming chair

I recently bought my first high-end desk chair – and dang, this new chair is an experience.

With my recent decision to work from home permanently, I felt it was time to buy a higher quality desk chair for my office. The chair I was using most recently was one I bought to replace the desk chair I borrowed from the office during the pandemic.

Simple blue desk chair with aftermarket lumbar support pillow added to the back.

Simple and inexpensive, this chair was… okay to work from for an entire day. I had to buy a lumbar pillow for extra support, though – that didn’t come with the chair.

It was inexpensive, but I thought it’d be okay to get a cheaper chair since I thought I would be working from the office more often. That, however, was not the case, and with me working from home permanently, I set out to find a newer, better desk chair.

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