I have a t-shirt problem.

Yes, everyone, I have a t-shirt problem.  And it might be getting out of control, heh.

2013-08-26 17.15.36It hit me earlier this week, when I got this new t-shirt in the mail – found it on Ript during the last day of GenCon, ordered it when I got home, and promptly took a picture of it upon its arrival.  As I was neatly arranging my new t-shirt under Toothless, I thought of the many other t-shirts I owned, and thought it might be neat to pull them all out and see just how many awesomely nerdy t-shirts I had.  And so I did.

Photo of lots of nerdy t-shirts

And these are just the ones I got online and at conventions…

And I realized I have a LOT of t-shirts.  (So much so that I ended up taking a rather pathetic panorama shot of them all – notice how the Minions Have The Phone Box shirt kind of blends into the Rose t-shirt next to it, in the bottom middle row…)  And not just ones off those t-shirt-a-day sites.  I have a ridiculous pile of t-shirts I picked up from Hot Topic, when they started selling Sailor Moon t-shirts again.  (My inner sixteen year old may have wanted to once again be able to wear a different Sailor Moon shirt every day for two weeks…)  I have a fair amount of t-shirts I’ve picked up at conventions, like the four I bought within the first two hours of Gen Con.  Those four shirts, and the delightful Nightfury t-shirt, made me stop and think – I might really have a t-shirt problem, heh.

Pile of t-shirts on a chair

The rest of my nerdy shirts, including a lot that I got from Hot Topic…

I mean, don’t get me wrong, there’s no problem with owning a ton of t-shirts, heh.  It’s just a bit of a problem when you can’t actually wear them all that often.  I can’t exactly show up to teach a workshop in my Grumpy Cat DM shirt, as amusing as that would be.  When I work in the office, though, depending on what I’ve got going on that day… yeah, I’ll wear my Eolian t-shirt, or the Nyancat Dreams t-shirt (which is pretty darned adorable!) – they’re rather work friendly, at least more work friendly than my Monty Python Killer Rabbit shirt, heh.

My nerdy t-shirt collection is one of the things I take pride in – it’s a way I can openly express my fannishness for certain things while being subtle about it.  I’ll end up finding people around the office who are fans of the same things I am that I never would have realized if they hadn’t commented on my shirt.  Plus, they’re fun!  Life would be boring without something to have fun with – and in my case, it’s t-shirts.  And My Little Ponies.  And painting minis.  And doing ridiculous graphic design projects.  And scooter riding.  And… you get the point.

So maybe it’s not really a problem, my t-shirt collection.  🙂

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