Living the Harry Potter dream: Visiting Diagon Alley

One of my earliest entries into the world of fantasy novels was the Harry Potter books.  (The other was Melanie Rawn’s Dragon Prince series, which ties into this little story…) I remember trying to find something to read one day (mom had told me I was forbidden to read the Dragon Prince series, because there was a dragon on the cover, I’m not even kidding), with a huge limitation – “NO DRAGONS on the cover, they’re associated with the devil!  And none of that fantasy crap!”  I scoured the bookshelf in the room I shared with my sister, trying to find something remotely fantasy-related, as I’d been bitten by the fantasy bug hard and my seventeen-year-old self wanted to lose myself in a world of magic and mysterious creatures.

My eyes widened when I came across a new-looking copy of the first Harry Potter book.  I don’t remember when we got it, and I don’t think it’d even been opened at that point.  I looked at the front cover leaf, determined it was about wizards, and thought to myself, “hah – I can’t read a fantasy novel with dragons on the cover, but this one has a WIZARD.  And mom must have bought it, since it’s here on the bookshelf, so I’m gonna read it!”

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I have a t-shirt problem.

Yes, everyone, I have a t-shirt problem.  And it might be getting out of control, heh.

2013-08-26 17.15.36It hit me earlier this week, when I got this new t-shirt in the mail – found it on Ript during the last day of GenCon, ordered it when I got home, and promptly took a picture of it upon its arrival.  As I was neatly arranging my new t-shirt under Toothless, I thought of the many other t-shirts I owned, and thought it might be neat to pull them all out and see just how many awesomely nerdy t-shirts I had.  And so I did.

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