Beth’s Craft Picks of the Week – 6/7/13

I usually try to do these on Mondays, but better late than never, right? ūüėÄ

Anyhow! ¬†Here’s this week’s crafty picks – since I’ve gotten into playing some delightfully old video games this week, like Super Mario RPG (my favorite!), this week is going to be retro game themed!

Bitter Luigi Cross-Stitch Pattern


Ahh, Mario, always getting the girl… no wonder Luigi’s a little cranky here. ¬†Cross-stitch pattern found here, at Spritestitch.¬† And there are tons more patterns there for your enjoyment!

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Costuming: Beth’s Amazing Steampunk Outfit

Well, I’ve been meaning to make this post for quite some time – and now that I’ve actually got the time to do some photographs of the smaller details and put everything together, it’s time for me to actually put all this up! ¬†Have a look at what I’ve been calling the Amazing Steampunk Outfit!

2013-05-11 15.06.11

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Random Nerdy Adventures!

I know, I know, I’ve been neglecting the blog horribly over the past week. ¬†Blame Python. ¬†More accurately, blame three days of intense Python-learning for a class. ¬†I feel pretty darn nerdy, though, cramming so much Python into my brain in so short a time! ¬†And I just finished and submitted the final exam – while my brain is reeling from cramming so much code into it, I do feel rather accomplished. Plus, Python shares similar syntax to PHP, which I’ve been learning on my own,

So, in lieu of a rather involved post, I’m simply going to share some pictures from the past couple of days – expect a more exciting post when I get my brain back later this week!

2013-05-25 21.27.36First off, I found a TARDIS night light! ¬†I’m rather fond of it. ¬†It does a good job lighting the way from the bed to the bathroom in the middle of the night. ¬†And it’s the TARDIS.

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My Nerdy Workspace

I’ve been pondering posting about this for a long time, and with my home office finally getting cleaned up over the weekend, I figured it might be a good time to show off my nerdy workspace. ¬†(I also sometimes refer to it as the nerdy girl-cave, heheh.) ¬†I will warn you now – my workspace is incredibly cluttered, and ridiculously pony-covered. ¬†Proceed with caution. ¬†ūüôā

2013-05-12 14.37.11


Here’s the view upon heading into my office. ¬†You can already tell it’s quite an eclectic nerd-splosion, from the Princess Peach backpack and change purse hanging on the doorknob to Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash hanging out on the pillows on the bed.

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Beth’s Craft Picks of the Week! – 5/13

Hello all! ¬†I’ve got another fresh batch of awesome craft projects for everyone! ¬†This week I’ll be focusing on cross-stitch projects I’ve found around the internet recently, so hopefully everyone’s got some Aida cloth and an embroidery hoop handy!

Wreck-It Ralph Bad Guy Affirmation


I featured this pattern a few weeks ago over at Geek Crafts, and figured it was definitely worth a mention here!  I do love Wreck-It Ralph, after all, and I plan on making this pattern myself, framing it, and hanging it in my living room.

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Recovering from the end of the semester

I know, I know, my hiatus has been about double what I thought it would be. ¬†I’ve been working on recovering from the end of the semester, as well as working my way out of a deep depression. ¬†Which is hard, but it happens. ¬†(The most recent post in Hyperbole and a Half describes my past few months perfectly.) ¬†But I’m finally on an upswing, and finally feeling somewhat rested and together enough to get back into posting.

While I spent time recovering from the spring semester…

  • I had a ridiculously pony-themed birthday party. ¬†It was fun, and none of my friends seemed to care that everything was decorated in Pinkie Pie while we all gathered around to play Cards Against Humanity.
  • I cleaned out my crafting closet, and got rid of some things I didn’t need anymore and pared down some stuff that I didn’t have quite enough room for.
  • I took a two week break from crafting altogether, and only recently picked up my Doctor Who scarf. ¬†(I’m two thirds of the way done with it!)
  • I watched a lot of television, and read nowhere near enough books. ¬†This needs to be changed.

And that’s what I’ve been up to. ¬†Expect some more regular posts next week that focus on all the good things – namely, nerdy things and crafty things! ¬†And nerdy crafts!

Short blogging hiatus!

Hello, all you crafty nerds – I just want to let you know that due to end-of semester craziness, The Crafty Nerd won’t be updating this week. ¬†However, next week I’ll be back to posting amazing awesome things! ¬†So stick with me, and if you’re not already following The Crafty Nerd on Facebook, please do! ¬†I will be posting random nerdy/crafty things there.

See you all in May! ūüėÄ

The Crafty Nerd Plays Video Games: Street Fighter II Turbo

2013-04-20 17.16.49I finally got around to hooking up the Super Nintendo I bought before Christmas. ¬†I know, I know, I should have hooked it up long before, but I’ve been way too busy lately. ¬†I did some living room rearranging this past weekend, though, and figured, why not hook it up while I’m in the process of hooking everything else up? ¬†Once I got it all hooked up, I popped in Street Fighter II – it’s one of my favorite games, and after watching Wreck-It Ralph so many times, I’d been itching to play for quite some time. So, come sit with me on my living room floor as I play Street Fighter!

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Book review: Anything Goes by John Barrowman

I’m going to preface this review with the following: I need to read more.

I’ve fallen into a sad habit of watching too much television lately. ¬†Sure, there’s lots of wonderful television shows out there! ¬†Doctor Who, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Farscape, Firefly, Archer, 30 Rock, Mad Men… but I used to read so very much! ¬†When we moved to Bloomington, I signed out a giant stack of books and read through them in a week!

So I’m going to challenge myself to read more – and I’m also going to talk about the books I’ve read, too, in hopes people discover new books to read. ¬†And I’m going to start with a favorite of mine. ¬†(A favorite that I should really buy my own copy of.)

2013-04-20 10.19.49


Anything Goes by John Barrowman

This was an incredibly quick read! ¬†And an incredibly enjoyable one. ¬†If you’ve watched Doctor Who or Torchwood, you’re familiar with John Barrowman – he plays the incredibly awesome Captain Jack Harkness in both shows. ¬†(He’s also in Arrow, but I haven’t seen that yet – I don’t have cable, and live off of Hulu and Netflix, and missed out on the start of it, sadly) ¬†This book tells his story – from when he was a kid, to his experiences as a teenager, all the way through to his time on Doctor Who and Torchwood.

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I’m a writer over at Geek Crafts!

This is a short little update for you all – I just want to let everyone know I’m writing over at Geek Crafts! ¬†I’ll be posting a new geeky craft every Sunday afternoon, and today I’ve posted my introduction.¬† (I go by Beth Lynn over there, since there’s already a Beth there!) ¬†I hope everyone’ll go check it out! ¬†I’ll be sharing links to my Sunday posts over on The Crafty Nerd’s Facebook page – so if you’re not already a fan, go hit the Like button in my Facebook widget over on the right side of the page!