The Crafty Nerd goes to the renfaire!

I absolutely love renaissance faires.  It’s so much fun to get dressed up in costume and pretend you’ve slipped back in time to the Renaissance days… 028

…just like Bryan and I did last weekend, at the Ohio Renaissance Festival!  Despite me coming down with a cold, we still had lots of fun.  We watched some stage swordfighting, perused the wares of many a shop, and got to enjoy my favorite part of any renaissance faire – jousting.



Yes, the Knights of Valour were there at the Ohio Renaissance Festival, including a couple of favorites from the TV show Full Metal Jousting.  They do real, full-contact jousting – it’s really exciting to watch!  (And a little frightening when someone gets violently unhorsed…)

While sitting at the joust, waiting for the queen to arrive, I happened to see a rather familiar pair of people in the stands…

031Yes, even the Doctor and Amy Pond were in attendance at the joust!

040I do love finding the Doctor at renaissance faires… at last year’s Ohio faire, I saw a Tenth Doctor wandering around outside the castle walls, waiting for the faire to open with the rest of the crowd.  I also saw a fair amount of people wearing Doctor Who t-shirts, heheh.

If you’d like to see the rest of the photos I took at the faire, here’s a gallery of them all!  I will say, my new camera did a very good job of taking good photos from a fair distance.  I think this was a good investment for my blogging, that’s for sure.